Computational Astrophysics Research Group

The computational astrophysics research group at IASTU primarily focuses on two areas: protoplanetary disks and planet formation, and plasma astrophysics, mostly by means of numerical simulations using various tools (primarily Athena++ MHD code). On the former, we study many aspects of gas dynamics in protoplanetary disks, as well as implications to observations and planet formation theory. On the latter, we study accretion disks, particle acceleration, cosmic-ray feedback, and dilute plasmas. Besides utilizing existing infrastructure including those we have built in the past, some group members also work on additional code (and algorithm) developments to build up more tools, opening up new windows and research opportunities.


Xuening Bai (2017.9-, professor): protoplanetary disks and planet formation, plasma astrophysics
Zhuo Chen (2023.3-, associate research professor): radiation hydro, binary evolution, planet formation


Weixiao Wang (2022.9-): protoplanetary disks at early stages
Shoji Mori (2021.4-, JSPS fellow at Tohoku U., w/K. Tomida): thermodynamics of protoplanetary disk

Pinghui Huang (2019.9-; IASTU -> UVic/McGill): implementing multi-fluid dust in Athena++
Yuhiko Aoyama (2019.9-, Shuimu scholar -> Boya fellow at PKU): planet-disk interaction
Haifeng Yang (2018.8-, CN Yang Fellow -> Boya fellow at PKU): truncated protoplanetary disks
Prasun Dhang (2019.9-, postdoc at IASTU -> IIS -> CU Boulder): BH accretion disks
Ziyan Xu (2017.12-, PKU GS->postdoc at ENS de Lyon): planetesimal formation

Graduate Students

Xiaochen Sun (2018.9-): plasma astrophysics, implementing CR particles in Athena++
Shengtang Wang (2019.9-): inner region of protoplanetary disks
Xinyu Zheng (2020.9-): ionization chemistry in protoplanetary/transition disks
Zitao Hu (DoA, 2020.9-): plasma astrophysics
Xihui Zhao (2020.9-): circumgalactic medium
Yang Ni (2022.9-, w/H. Deng): protoplanetary disks at early stages
Tianhao Li (2023.9-): gas dynamics of inner protoplanetary disks

Haiyang Wang (2020.9-, Fudan Univ. UGS -> Cambridge GS): circumbinary disks
Guanfu Liu (2022.8-): side project on disk shadows
Zehao Su (2022.8-, BNU): side project on disk shadows

Undergrad Students

Zhishuo Qu (2023.8-, East China Normal Univ.)
Jing Yang (2023.8-, Peking Univ.)
Hanpu Liu (2022.6-, Peking Univ.): stability of dust bumps

Shuzhe Zeng (2021.6-; UGS->GS at Univ. of Maryland): multi-D CR streaming instability

Former members

Can Cui (2018.1-2022.8 SHAO GS->Cambridge postdoc): gas dynamics in outer protoplanetary disks
Chris Bambic (2019.9-2021.8, Princeton GS, w/E. Ostriker): CR streaming instability
Zhenghao Xu (2019.6-2021.8, PKU UGS->gap year->UCSB GS)
Weihang Jia (2019.8-2020.8, Southwest Jiaotong Univ., UGS)
Runcheng Liu (2019.4-9, UGS)
Xiaosheng Zhao (2019.1-9, GS)
Zhanbo Zhang (2018.7-2019.6, PKU UGS->gap year->Industry)

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