Special Topics in Theoretical Astrophysics (2019 Spring)

Organizer:   Xuening Bai
Instructors:   Faculty members from THCA
Seminar time:   3:00pm on Fridays
Location:   Mong Man-wai Building S-727
Syllabus:   Syllabus.pdf

This is the course website for "Special Topics in Theoretical Astrophysics" for 2019 Spring. It is the sister course to Special Topics in Observational Astrophysics. This semester, THCA students select from a list of topics under the theme of "Plasma Astrophysics", and take turns to give 30-minutes presentations. The audience will provide feedback. The talk schedule is listed below and is updated as the semester proceeds.

Date      Speaker      Topic      Faculty Contact
2019/03/01      Xuening Bai      Overview of plasma astrophysics
2019/03/08      Wenxiong Li      Hydrodynamic turbulence      X. Bai; S. Mao
     Xiaochen Sun      Incompressible MHD turbulence      X. Bai; S. Mao
2019/03/15      Yixian Chen      MRI: linear theory      X. Bai
2019/03/22      Ming Lin      MRI: recent simulations      X. Bai
     Xuening Bai      MRI and Winds     
2019/03/29      Xiaosheng Zhao      MRI experiments      W. Cui; H. Feng
     Zhihao Chen      Jet experiments      W. Cui; H. Feng
2019/04/12      Shiwu Zhang      Heat-flux-driven buoyancy instability      X. Bai; C. Li
2019/04/19      Kai Wang      Fermi Acceleration (general)      X. Bai
     Fuheng Liang      Particle acceleration in rel. shocks      X. Bai
2019/04/26      Yunqi Sun      Classical models of magnetic reconnection      X. Bai
     Tianjun Gan      Plasmoid instability in magnetic reconection      X. Bai
     Yukai Xia      Kinetic simulations of magnetic reconection      X. Bai
2019/05/05      Xinyan Hua      Shock experiments      H. Feng; W. Cui
     Yangyao Chen      Magnetic reconnection experiments      H. Feng; W. Cui
2019/05/17      Zhuo Cheng      CR propagation and transport      X. Bai; W. Cui
     Yu Zhou      Origin of cosmic magnetism      Y. Mao; X. Bai
     Jiacheng Meng      Mean-field dynamo theory      Y. Mao; X. Bai
2019/05/24      Xuanyi Wu      Solar dynamo      Y. Lou; X. Bai
2019/05/31      Meng Zhou      Origin of interglactic field      D. Xu
     Changxing Zhou      Galactic dynamo I      D. Xu
2019/06/10      Yunchong Wang      Galactic dynamo II      D. Xu
     Gaobo Xi      Solar wind models      Y. Lou
2019/06/14      Rui Huang      Space weather      S. Mao; J. Zhou

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