Xuening Bai's Teaching Page

Plasma Astrophysics (Harvard, 2016 Spring)

I co-taught graduate student course Astronomy 253 on Plasma Astrophysics with Nick Murphy at Harvard University in Spring 2016. This was the second time that the course was offered at Harvard. Development of this course has benefited from the 2014 course materials when this course was first taught by Steven Cranmer and Nick Murphy, listed textbooks and reading materials, as well as input from colleagues, particularly from Matthew Kunz, Jim Stone, Lorenzo Sironi, and Ramesh Narayan.

Listed below are my half of the course materials and lecture notes. The remaining course materials can be accessed from Nick Murphy's teaching page. If you find any errors/typos, please let me know.

Introduction Lecture
Handout: Plasma scales
Handout: Particle motion
Lecture: Accretion disks
Handout: Accretion disks
Handout: Vlasov equations, cold plasma waves
Handout: Thermal effects
Handout: Non-linear effects
Handout: Collisions and transport
Handout: Kinetic MHD
Lecture: Dilute plasmas
Handout: Firehose instability
Lecture: Cosmic-rays
Handout: Particle acceleration
Lecture: Computational MHD

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